Room Escape Games

Play game 1 DynaBoy 1 DynaBoy
1 DynaBoy

Are mine and you have to leave the mine going to collapse your tools that you will find along the way and so you can escape the mi ...

DynaBoy games, mine games, DynaBoy

Play game Super Ninja motorcycle Super Ninja motorcycle
Super Ninja motorcycle

A ninja just escaped on a motorcycle, so help this ninja to escape. Use the arrow keys to do tricks.

ninja games, motorcycle games

Play game Volcanic Airways Volcanic Airways
Volcanic Airways

Escape from the Icelandic volcano's ash cloud in your airplane!

Play game Elemental Escape Elemental Escape
Elemental Escape

Play game New Room New Room
New Room

Play game Knightmare Tower Knightmare Tower
Knightmare Tower

You need to escape to save your life, so use the rocket to propel you, when you're flying, you have to destroy the enemies.

escape games

Play game Must Escape The Sewer Must Escape The Sewer
Must Escape The Sewer

Play game Space Escape Space Escape
Space Escape

Guide your space ship cross the obstacle filled courses.

Play game Acid Factory Acid Factory
Acid Factory

Help Harry escape the horrors of his acid-flooded factory.

Play game Drawing Room Drawing Room
Drawing Room

Play game Wayside Arrow Escape Wayside Arrow Escape
Wayside Arrow Escape

Play game dining penguins dining penguins
dining penguins

The cute penguins have a dining room, you have to serve coffee, soda, juice as soon as possible.

Penguins games, food games

Play game Zashiki Warashi Zashiki Warashi
Zashiki Warashi

Have fun with games escape now you have to find a way to escape the room, collecting items and solving puzzles.

Play game Clinic Escape Clinic Escape
Clinic Escape

Play game Date dash: escape for dating Date dash: escape for dating
Date dash: escape for dating

Alice has an appointment today with her boyfriend, thus needs to find a way to leave his house without his MOM is, account has to ...

dating games, escape games

Play game Speed Escape Speed Escape
Speed Escape

Play game Escape Coolsonian Escape Coolsonian
Escape Coolsonian

Escape Games chose to have a good time, now have fun with the game Escape Coolsonian.

Escape Games

Play game Quick Speed Escape 4 Quick Speed Escape 4
Quick Speed Escape 4

Find the key to the door to escape the room. Search for missing keys on the keyboard, so you can use the computer, and you can fin ...

escape games

Play game Decorate mushroom house Decorate mushroom house
Decorate mushroom house

We will decorate the house where a family live fungus, you have to put the furniture room, the kitchen.

decorate games

Play game Speed Escape 3 Speed Escape 3
Speed Escape 3

Play game Barbie Groom The Room Barbie Groom The Room
Barbie Groom The Room

Barbie Games, Games, Cleaning Games, Girl Games

Play game Escape The Mall Escape The Mall
Escape The Mall

Friends, Lisa, Mina, Sisi and Toto are caught inside the mall. Help her to escape now from the store.

Play game Dollhouse Escape 4 Dollhouse Escape 4
Dollhouse Escape 4

Your goal is to find the letters to write "ESCAPE" to escape the dollhouse.

Play game Escape from the doll's house Escape from the doll's house
Escape from the doll's house

Fun with fun games to escape, escape from the doll house in the shortest possible time.

Play game Escape the room for girls Escape the room for girls
Escape the room for girls

Have fun with this game for boys and girls to flee.

Play game Escape the Room 2 Escape the Room 2
Escape the Room 2

Escape Games for girls and boys, in this you have to pick up objects and use them, and also solve puzzles to escape.

Play game Super Speed Escape Super Speed Escape
Super Speed Escape

You must escape as quickly as possible to gain points and pass levels.

Fast games, speed games

Play game Playful kitten Playful kitten
Playful kitten

This little cat is bored at home, have fun messing up the room, take care that his master caught.

kittens games, pet games

Play game Susan's room clean Susan's room clean
Susan's room clean

Susan has left her room a mess, his mother sent him clean room, but the will to punish, susan helps to tidy her room.

room order games

Play game Princess escape Princess escape
Princess escape

Help this princess to find the key to open the room, looking out and have fun.

room escape games

Play game Escape through the roof Escape through the roof
Escape through the roof

Look for ways to escape from this room, fight with all your strength to get out.

escape games

Play game Kitten vs Dog Kitten vs Dog
Kitten vs Dog

The kitten has been bothered by chance a dog has now started to chase him, you ought to help the kitten to escape, you must do a l ...

kitten games, dogs games, pet games

Play game Minigames: The legend of Zelda Minigames: The legend of Zelda
Minigames: The legend of Zelda

Classic game, you have to escape the roads also have to defend yourself. The game consists of several levels, pass them all.


Play game Design your room Design your room
Design your room

Help a Mary designing her room as she wants so for that you have several alternatives. So enjoy!

Decoration games

Play game Barbie Doll Room Escape Barbie Doll Room Escape
Barbie Doll Room Escape

Barbie Games, Girl Games, Games

Play game Escape to Hell Escape to Hell
Escape to Hell

Fight games, Action games, Games


Room escape Games

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