Running and jumping Games

Play game Speed ​​Runner: Running Fast Speed ​​Runner: Running Fast
Speed ​​Runner: Running Fast

Fun adventure game, go to rescue a friend, it uses all the speed you have, make big jumps and others to achieve your goal.

running and jumping

Play game Free Running 2 Free Running 2
Free Running 2

Help your friend to climb walls and seizing money and levels you can unlock more coll.

sports games, climbing games, Free Running 2, games of climbing walls

Play game Megaman X Virus Megaman X Virus
Megaman X Virus

Megaman again, but this time without any jumping and running because here we have a round of combat RPG game based on where the ba ...

Play game Box jumping Box jumping
Box jumping

Fun game for a box that has to take flight to reach your destination, you have to calculate the distance of the jump.

jumping games, minigames

Play game Motorcycle Racer season Motorcycle Racer season
Motorcycle Racer season

He is a motorcycle rider is going to show off his motorcycle through the city, has run over cars and jumping ramps.

motorcycles games

Play game Jump jumping Jump jumping
Jump jumping

Bounce toy with the mouse, you have to be careful with the earth, and the bombs that lie ahead.

jumping games, mario games

Play game Gravit eyes: eye Jumping Gravit eyes: eye Jumping
Gravit eyes: eye Jumping

Very entertaining game, you have to jump to the eye with the X button, and go all the way you have to get to where the red dot. Ha ...

skip games, jumping games

Play game Hulk Bad Altitude: Hulk jumping Hulk Bad Altitude: Hulk jumping
Hulk Bad Altitude: Hulk jumping

This Hulk facing police, wants to gain height by jumping on the aircraft, directs Hulk by the ships to go up above.

Hulk games

Play game Motocross Nitro Motocross Nitro
Motocross Nitro

Play all machine gripping acrobatics jumping super high and veils, you can change from chop and as well of motorcycle.

bike games, Motocross Nitro, stunt games, Miniclip

Play game Motocross enduro extreme Motocross enduro extreme
Motocross enduro extreme

Enjoy the daily games we have for you. Climb the mountains and jumping cliffs and through the levels of this motorcycle game.

motocross games, daily games

Play game Mixel worlds: Adventure of the cat Mixel worlds: Adventure of the cat
Mixel worlds: Adventure of the cat

The adventure of a kitten with obstacles to get the key to open the door and pass all levels. The cat has to jump and catch the st ...

cat games, jumping games

Play game Jumping Bananas Jumping Bananas
Jumping Bananas

Play game Running Blue Running Blue
Running Blue

The blue alien, walking on the snow, you have to jump all blocks, beware of the dangers of the road.

aliens, blue doll

Play game Desert jeep Bumber Desert jeep Bumber
Desert jeep Bumber

This car is running on a desert highway, you have to handle with care and try not to crash.

bumper cars, driving cars

Play game Fancy Pants Adventure: adventure games Fancy Pants Adventure: adventure games
Fancy Pants Adventure: adventure games

a new version of your games preferred in which you can change clothes to your played grabbing incredible jumps is very cool.

Fancy Pants Adventure, Jumping games

Play game Dillo: Flying Worm Dillo: Flying Worm
Dillo: Flying Worm

Very fun game, you have to turn it down the slope, then jump to fly, you have to fall down a hill, for otherwise you can bang your ...

Jumping Games

Play game Dragon Ball Skill Running Dragon Ball Skill Running
Dragon Ball Skill Running

Uphill Racing, Cartoon, Dragon Ball, Racing, Battle Racing

Play game race skate funny race skate funny
race skate funny

You have to compete with your partner, jump to the blocks below and wins in getting points if you come first you can get the point ...

racing games, jumping games, skating games

Play game How Dare You How Dare You
How Dare You

Jumping games, Action games, Skill games, Jump & run games, Games

Play game Jump rope Jump rope
Jump rope

Fun game of jump rope, you have to make the girl jump whenever you leave the rope.

Jumping Games

Play game You: You:

Action games, Games, Platforms games, Jumping games

Play game Jump Mario Bros Jump Mario Bros
Jump Mario Bros

Funny Mario game, you have to jump into Mario Bros, please direct them by the balls, and thanks to this, Mario can take flight and ...

jumping games, flying games

Play game Fred Figglehorn Fred Figglehorn
Fred Figglehorn

Now you have to show all your power and speed. Fred helps to run as fast as you can!

Running Games

Play game Ninja Force 1 Ninja Force 1
Ninja Force 1

Cut into two to your opponents with your weapons and your skills ninja jumping wall on walls anyone you can stop with your asta ni ...

ninja games, Ninja Force games, Ninja Force, action games, niniclip, miniclip games


running and jumping

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