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Play game Coloring mouse Stuart Little Coloring mouse Stuart Little
Coloring mouse Stuart Little

Remember the movie Stuart Little? Surely if it is a little mouse who is a member of a family name was Little.

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Play game Color balls Color balls
Color balls

Throw the ball and move the mouse down the table to avoid dropping the ball, quick to earn points.

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Play game Metal Face Metal Face
Metal Face

Fun game of intelligence, the goal is to reach the metal side of the diamond. To do this you can reduce the amount of metals with ...

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Play game Jump jumping Jump jumping
Jump jumping

Bounce toy with the mouse, you have to be careful with the earth, and the bombs that lie ahead.

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Play game Sugar Sugar Sugar Sugar
Sugar Sugar

You have to fill the cups of white sugar, with the mouse you have to draw the path. When a red cup, you have to pass the sugar thr ...

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Play game basketball shoots basketball shoots
basketball shoots

You have to practice shoots for the big game this weekend, with the mouse button choose the angle of launch.

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Play game Skating Art Skating Art
Skating Art

This cute girl is excited today will present a dance skating, the way you have to do with the mouse.

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Play game Billiards Challenge in 60 seconds Billiards Challenge in 60 seconds
Billiards Challenge in 60 seconds

Fun game of billiards, with the mouse you can choose the distance and the strength of the shot, you have sixty seconds for you to ...

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Play game Badminton Fun Badminton Fun
Badminton Fun

Take in a game of badminton with your opponent, move your mouse you must shoot the ball. Have fun with this fun game.

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Play game The army of the times The army of the times
The army of the times

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Play game Feed the bear 2: balance game Feed the bear 2: balance game
Feed the bear 2: balance game

Game balance, with the mouse you have to move to the right or left, keep the balance for more time.

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Play game Flying Mario Bros Flying Mario Bros
Flying Mario Bros

Mario Bros is very angry, you have to throw the barrel to collapse the towers of bricks. You have to hold down the mouse for highe ...

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Play game K.I.N.G. K.I.N.G.

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Play game friends playing basketball friends playing basketball
friends playing basketball

A group of friends have gathered at a sports center to practice the shots to score the ball. You have to calculate the direction o ...

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Play game Advanced Ninja: Ninja games Advanced Ninja: Ninja games
Advanced Ninja: Ninja games

Fun ninja game, the game consists of several levels, use the keys A, S, D and W to direct the Ninja, the mouse can launch the rope ...

ninjas games

Play game Rocketeer: Penguin jump above the clouds Rocketeer: Penguin jump above the clouds
Rocketeer: Penguin jump above the clouds

Help the Penguin jump by the clouds of heaven. You have to go with the mouse by the clouds, so will rise through the skies.

Penguins games

Play game Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce
Bounce Bounce

You have to drive the ball with the mouse, make sure not to fall into the cactus, as it would explode. Have fun with this game of ...

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Play game Star Journey: The star rocket Star Journey: The star rocket
Star Journey: The star rocket

You have to launch the rocket a towards the stars, directs the rocket with the mouse. You have to get the stars with the rocket.

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