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Play game Embrace paradox: Get keys Embrace paradox: Get keys
Embrace paradox: Get keys

Fun game where you have to get help Mr keys to move the following levels, you have to go through several places where there are mo ...

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Play game Mccoy Cactus: The Cactus super Mccoy Cactus: The Cactus super
Mccoy Cactus: The Cactus super

Fun game that is a cactus that is the hero, we will guide the cactus to fight, to guide with the arrow keys.

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Play game city ​​tour by bike city ​​tour by bike
city ​​tour by bike

Drive this bike with the arrow keys, this game is in 3D, you can do tricks and much more.

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Play game Super Ninja motorcycle Super Ninja motorcycle
Super Ninja motorcycle

A ninja just escaped on a motorcycle, so help this ninja to escape. Use the arrow keys to do tricks.

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Play game Crimlet: challenge round Crimlet: challenge round
Crimlet: challenge round

The objective of this game is to get all orange spheres, for it the arrow keys, you have to move to achieve your goal.

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Play game Tennis Tennis Tennis Tennis
Tennis Tennis

Advanced game of tennis, choose your opponent and play tennis championship, with the arrow keys moves the player and the spacebar ...

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Play game Circuit: race cars Circuit: race cars
Circuit: race cars

Funny car racing game, you have to steer your car, competing against other cars, use the arrow keys to steer the car.

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Play game March Mania: basketball championship March Mania: basketball championship
March Mania: basketball championship

Fun basketball game, you have to pick a team and face the other team, the keys used are the A, S, D, F. Play as a team and win the ...

online basketball games

Play game Quick Speed Escape 4 Quick Speed Escape 4
Quick Speed Escape 4

Find the key to the door to escape the room. Search for missing keys on the keyboard, so you can use the computer, and you can fin ...

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Play game Advanced Ninja: Ninja games Advanced Ninja: Ninja games
Advanced Ninja: Ninja games

Fun ninja game, the game consists of several levels, use the keys A, S, D and W to direct the Ninja, the mouse can launch the rope ...

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Play game Up Beat: Dj party Up Beat: Dj party
Up Beat: Dj party

Keep the rhythm and rock the party! Fun game similar to playing the piano, you have to use keys and push them when the blocks come ...

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Play game Basketball: Run and jump Basketball: Run and jump
Basketball: Run and jump

Fun basketball game where you have to run and then jump. Calculate the speed, in order to dunk the ball. In the game tells you whi ...

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Play game Indiana Jones: in search of treasure Indiana Jones: in search of treasure
Indiana Jones: in search of treasure

Indiana Jones is a very famous archaeologist, now has to follow in search of treasures and antiques. Help Indiana Jones to get the ...

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Play game Flying in a museum Flying in a museum
Flying in a museum

This aircraft is within a museum, you have to direct it and drop the keys, have fun with the airplane in the museum.

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Play game Samurai Panda: Kung fu panda Samurai Panda: Kung fu panda
Samurai Panda: Kung fu panda

Seen the film Kung Fu Panda, help the samurai Panda to get the keys to unlock your friends, Panda has to prove all his kung fu ski ...

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