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Play game Sir Jump: Jump Salta Sir Jump: Jump Salta
Sir Jump: Jump Salta

Jumps and leaps to avoid the cliffs and abite tines.

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Play game Base Jumper Base Jumper
Base Jumper

Three, two, one...Jump! Get to the bottom in the quickest possible time.

Play game Jump rope Jump rope
Jump rope

Fun game of jump rope, you have to make the girl jump whenever you leave the rope.

Jumping Games

Play game Basketball: Run and jump Basketball: Run and jump
Basketball: Run and jump

Fun basketball game where you have to run and then jump. Calculate the speed, in order to dunk the ball. In the game tells you whi ...

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Play game Rocketeer: Penguin jump above the clouds Rocketeer: Penguin jump above the clouds
Rocketeer: Penguin jump above the clouds

Help the Penguin jump by the clouds of heaven. You have to go with the mouse by the clouds, so will rise through the skies.

Penguins games

Play game Jump Mario Bros Jump Mario Bros
Jump Mario Bros

Funny Mario game, you have to jump into Mario Bros, please direct them by the balls, and thanks to this, Mario can take flight and ...

jumping games, flying games

Play game Super Mario Bros Baby: Baby Mario Super Mario Bros Baby: Baby Mario
Super Mario Bros Baby: Baby Mario

Very fun game where Mario Bros is very small, you have to jump with the S key, jump all the earth, collect all the coins in the wa ...

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Play game Mixel worlds: Adventure of the cat Mixel worlds: Adventure of the cat
Mixel worlds: Adventure of the cat

The adventure of a kitten with obstacles to get the key to open the door and pass all levels. The cat has to jump and catch the st ...

cat games, jumping games

Play game Flying Gal Flying Gal
Flying Gal

This girl has to remove all kids drink, you have to jump on them to get points.

mario style games

Play game Dillo: Flying Worm Dillo: Flying Worm
Dillo: Flying Worm

Very fun game, you have to turn it down the slope, then jump to fly, you have to fall down a hill, for otherwise you can bang your ...

Jumping Games

Play game BMX Extreme: Tumble with bike BMX Extreme: Tumble with bike
BMX Extreme: Tumble with bike

With this set of BMX tricks you can do many amazing, you have to jump all the ramps.

extreme bikes, stunts, BMX

Play game Box jumping Box jumping
Box jumping

Fun game for a box that has to take flight to reach your destination, you have to calculate the distance of the jump.

jumping games, minigames

Play game The bison burrito The bison burrito
The bison burrito

In the ring is the bison, has to take flight and the longest jump you can to earn points.

bison, burritos, quadrilateral

Play game Running Blue Running Blue
Running Blue

The blue alien, walking on the snow, you have to jump all blocks, beware of the dangers of the road.

aliens, blue doll

Play game Jump jumping Jump jumping
Jump jumping

Bounce toy with the mouse, you have to be careful with the earth, and the bombs that lie ahead.

jumping games, mario games

Play game Draka: Vampire Dracula Draka: Vampire Dracula
Draka: Vampire Dracula

Count Dracula wants to bite all people, so must climb and then jump.

Vampire games

Play game Penguin problems Penguin problems
Penguin problems

Funny penguin is a game that has to flee from a whale that wants to eat, have to jump every time there are no icebergs. Be careful ...

animal games, madagascar penguins games

Play game race skate funny race skate funny
race skate funny

You have to compete with your partner, jump to the blocks below and wins in getting points if you come first you can get the point ...

racing games, jumping games, skating games

Play game Loose screws Loose screws
Loose screws

You have to find all the loose screws are thrown around, then go to the gate to pass to the next level.

screws, jump

Play game Gravit eyes: eye Jumping Gravit eyes: eye Jumping
Gravit eyes: eye Jumping

Very entertaining game, you have to jump to the eye with the X button, and go all the way you have to get to where the red dot. Ha ...

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Play game How Dare You How Dare You
How Dare You

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Play game Super Mario Bros Super Mario Bros
Super Mario Bros

Fun classic game Mario Bros, you have to direct Mario Bros on the road, watch the earth, and animals, you can earn points by catch ...

Mario Bros games

Play game The Incredible Hulk The Incredible Hulk
The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk has to fight with the army, you have to jump and squash, while more enfurezca Hulk more big will become.

Incredible Hulk games

Play game TRON Light Speede:Tron 3D TRON Light Speede:Tron 3D
TRON Light Speede:Tron 3D

Sierra pass your opponents and also with the space key can jump, every time that over time your speed will be greater.

TRON in 3D, TRON Light Speede, 3D games

Play game balls in the world of Mario Bros balls in the world of Mario Bros
balls in the world of Mario Bros

They've invaded the world of Mario bros, choose the model of your ball, and salt to the world of Mario bros to jump in and get po ...

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